Carers Network for Learning Disabilities Provider Service


As part of the Learning Disabilities programme to move the current in-house service to a Social Enterprise Partnership, Compass Disability Services has been appointed help establish  a carers network for the parents/carers of customers of the Learning Disability Provider Service (LDPS).  This carers network will aim to cover the needs of the full range of customers and fairly represent parent/carers across the county.  The network will be delivered through face to face contact, written communications and by offering access to the LD change website.

Compass Disability Services will also support the network to actively participate before, during and after any relevant meetings or groups that take place throughout the process to ensure that any representative carers speak for the network.

The first important task is to ask parent/carers to select a representative to attend the Shadow Board meetings as an “Expert by Experience”; this role will be supported by Compass Disability Services (See below for further information).

In addition to this specific task, we want the network to serve as a way of:

  • Informing you about any changes that services are needing to make in the run up to the Social Enterprise Partnership.
  • Ensure that you understand and can comment on the proposed changes
  • Inform any further changes that you think are needed



Become part of the Network

If you are a parent/carer of a customer of the Learning Disability Provider Service in Somerset we would like to invite you to help shape your LDPS Carers Network, to ensure  carers have an opportunity to be involved and receive information on the changes taking place in the LDPS over the next year. 

We fully understand that carers time is valuable and it may not be possible to get involved in everything but we’re fully committed to ensuring that you have a range of opportunities and ways to get involved.

If you would like to become part of the LDPS Carers Network to you can provide your contact details using the following link:

Shadow Board

The purpose of a shadow board is to help the LDPS to move to becoming a Social Enterprise Partnership which is external from the Council.  Being a board member will provide a challenging, rewarding and enjoyable opportunity to not only use and develop your own skills, but play an important role in the future of Learning Disabilities in Somerset. The Board will have no executive powers at this stage and members will not be paid, but reasonable expenses will be reimbursed.

The Shadow Board meets monthly in the evenings, for 2 hours at County Hall in Taunton.

Compass Disability Services have been asked to help you appoint two carer representatives with a view to one being the main representative and the other acting as deputy to attend in the others absence etc.
In order to be considered as a carers representative for your LDPS Carers network, we would like to invite those interested to provide the following information;

  • A brief explanation of your background as a carer and why you would like to join the Shadow Board.
  • Information on the skills you would bring, including how you would represent your own views and the views of other carers across the County. 

  • Deadline for applications is Friday 13th February 12 noon

From Tuesday 17th February – Friday 27th February – Voting opportunity opens, votes can be placed online by visiting  A brief introduction of each candidate will be shared to help people make their vote. If you are not online you can contact us using the details below to receive the information by alternative methods.

Wednesday 4th March – Successful candidate contacted and carer representative announced via or by contacting us.

Thursday 12th March – Carer representative attends Shadow Board meeting
If you would like to apply to be a carer representative for the Shadow Board please complete the form using the link below;

 If you have any queries and would like to contact us please contact Mandy Seaman at or Nat Stevens at or Telephone 01823 282823 or Text 07568 109960.

Hard copies of all application forms are also available by contacting us using the details above.


Mandy Seaman

Project Coordinator – Compass Disability Network