Compass Carers Community Development Fund

In July 2012 Compass Disability services were awarded the contract to provide a Universal Carers Support Service to carers living in Somerset. As part of this contract we have committed to putting £10,000 per year into a Carers Community Development Fund. This fund will enable us to make awards through an application process of up to £500 for carers or groups wishing to develop local projects in their area.

The fund aims to support local projects whose aim is to provide an opportunity for carers to come together and provide mutual support to one another or exchange information that will assist them in their carers role. 

Examples of things you could use the grant for:

  • To set up a carers support group that meets once a month. For example in an area where there is currently no support or that meets the needs of a specific group of carers.  
  • Start-up costs such as hiring a venue, tea and coffee.
  • Paying for a session worker.
  • Paying for volunteers expenses to help run it.
  • Existing groups can apply to the fund to develop new pieces of work or continuation work (however in most cases priority will be given to new pieces of work or new groups).

There are no deadlines and an application can be made at any time. If you decide to make an application please note:

  • To be eligible to apply for the grant you must live in Somerset.
  • You will need an independent bank account to pay the grant into (it cannot not be paid into a personal account) or Compass Carers can hold the money on your behalf and administer payments on receipt of invoices.
  • Receipts will be required as evidence of expenditure.
  • Priority will be given to new pieces of work.
  • Priority will be given to those projects which demonstrate how they are able to keep going once the grant funding is spent.
  • We may ask you for information on how the fund has helped you.
  • Any information will always be treated confidentially.

If you would like any further information or to discuss your application then please contact Liz Churchill, Project Manager:

Tel: 0330 333 0089 / 01823 282823

Email: you are interested in applying for this grant then please  complete the application form below. Please answer each question fully giving as much detail as you can but no more than 300 words per question.

What happens next?

Once we have received your application it will go before the next Universal Carers Support Service steering group meeting. The steering group will read through the application and make a decision on whether to award the amount applied for or not. 

From the date that we receive your application it will take up to six weeks to hear the outcome.

We will inform you by letter of the decision made by the steering group. If you are unsuccessful we will provide feedback in writing as to the reason why. The steering group’s decision is final.

Please note that we will not accept a repeat application that has been turned down until a year later. However you are welcome to submit an application for another new project at any time.

We will also not fund existing activities previously funded by this grant until a year has passed between applications. 

Contact details

Jane Allin,
Carers Community Development Fund,
Compass Disability Services,
Unit 11 – 12 Belvedere Trading Estate,


Contact Details

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About the project

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What difference will the project make:
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